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Tuesday, August 30th 2011

2:02 AM

Men's Hair Loss -Prevention and Remedies

Men's Hair Loss -Prevention and Remedies There is no doubt that men find hair loss a disturbing problem. Most men feel this is akin to losing their own youthful nature and some of their personal vitality. Of course, it doesn't have to mean this, and some men just shave their heads and learn to like this new look. Yet it's good to know you have choices, and many men would prefer to hold onto their hair for as long as they want. The key is to explore your options and come up with a strategy, like one of these, for handling your own hair loss.

Provided you are placing numerous chemicals on top of your head, this might be helping your hair loss along. Though females generally pay a good sum of money for hair formulas, males do not constantly know what they put on their heads on a daily basis. If you use items like gels, shampoos or conditioners with harsh chemicals or hair dyes to get rid of gray hair, these can sometimes have a harmful effect on your hair. Your hair stylist might also be using such products on your hair. Only using a a mellow shampoo and conditioner, is one thing you could try. You might be able to impede your balding by moving onto an organic product, if a distinct synthetic is making your hair react in a bad way.

Regularly massaging or brushing your hair can actually stimulate new growth. Essential oils serve to enhance the process - lavender is an excellent choice. It only takes three minutes each day of doing this to really enhance hair growth. Use gentle hair brushing frequently throughout the day. This won't cure male pattern baldness by any means but in some instances has been used to stimulate new growth and is a gr
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